Montaigne can be used as a publishing tool for any type of the content. However, it has several features that make it better for some specific types.

Currently it has following special types defined:

If you want to assign type to the file you need to specify types list in the config.toml. E.g. code like this:


will make all files under /trips directory to be of the type trip.

Lets see what using preconfigured types gives you.


If you want to keep list of books you’ve read we recommend to use reading type. If you specify similar metadata:

started = "2018-01-23"
finished = "2018-03-20"
locations = ["San Francisco"]

in each file montaigne will automatically calculate number of days it took you to read the book.


If you want to keep list of trips you’ve took we recommend to use trip type.

You can specify itinerary metadata for all itinearies of the trip like this:

from = "FRA"
to = "GIG"
date = "2012-11-17"
type = "flight"
data = "DE6080"

from = "Rio de Janeiro, BR"
to = "São Paulo, BR"
date = "2012-12-14"
type = "bus"

from = "GRU"
to = "PTY"
date = "2013-01-30"
type = "flight"
data = "CM724"
transit = true

Such data will be preprocessed automatically and extra fields will be calculated: