How does it work?

We will write detailed post on this. Stay tuned.

Why this name?

It’s named after Michel de Montaigne. He is known for popularizing the essay and writing all kinds of journals: daily journal, travel journal and so on.

Can I have multiple sites?

Yes, you can any number of sites you want. Each site is independent.

Does it support images/videos/audios?

Yes, you can include images, videos and audios in the notes and they will be published. File size is limit is currently at 100MB. If you need to support larger files - please send me an email.

Does it support custom themes?

Not yet, but it will support few predefined themes very soon.

How much does it cost?

You can publish as many notes and sites as you want. If you need extra features read about pricing.

Is my data safe?

Yes, we only can see the notes from the folder that you shared. Since they are going to be published anyway, please treat shared folders as essentially public read-only.

Can I have custom domain?

Yes, you can. But you need to contact us, since it’s not fully automated process yet.

What happens if I accidentally delete my site?

No worries, just do setup again and it all will just work.

Can I see analytics for my site?

Not yet. If you need analytics. You would need to setup it up separately. Please contact us.

How long does it take for my note to be published online?

Usually it will take around 30-60 seconds for the note to be published online.

My note is not deleted, why is that?

While created and updated notes should be available online within 1 minute it might take 5-10 minutes for the note to be deleted online.

Does Montaigne support RTL(right-to-left) texts?

Yes, you can set this in the site settings or per each note using β€œRTL” metadata.

What are some platform limits?

Platform limits are documented here.

How to share notes on iPhone?

We made a guide for you here. It's a bit tricky if you never did this before.