Here is a lists of features. More things are coming 🥁. Check out roadmap page.

Apple Notes integration

Montaigne integrates natively with Apple Notes. All you need to do is to write your notes inside shared Apple Notes folder and they will be published automatically.

Apple Maps integration

If you add a link to the Apple Map inside the note it will be automatically attached as a static image to your published note.

3rd party content embedding

We will automatically embed 3rd party content via iframe if the provided link has oEmbed support. Think of it as something close to what Slack does with links.


You have native Apple collaboration capabilities available. Just share your folder(or selected notes) with other people natively and they can make changes to both your notes and the site will be published automatically.

Spell check

Apple Notes have native spell checker build in. This is the power of using native tools.


Each folder or note which name starts with ‘_’ symbol will not be rendered in the navigation so can be considered draft. You still will be able to view it online with the proper url(without leading ‘_’), it just that no one would be able to find it.


Support markdown syntax for links and block quotes (since this one has not native representation from Apple).

To create a link, enclose the link text in brackets (e.g., [Duck Duck Go]) and then follow it immediately with the URL in parentheses (e.g., (https://duckduckgo.com )).

To create a blockquote, add a > in front of a paragraph.


Will be rendered as follows:

Table of Content

Automatically generate table of content for the notes that has headers. This one is optional and can be disabled for your site or specific note.


If your site has difference sections: eg if you want to have separate collections of the books you’ve read and posts you’ve written and trips you’ve made, you can create subfolder in the Apple Notes and every note in that subfolder will be part of this new collection.

Note: you cannot create nested subfolders for now. So only one level is supported.


If you want your note/post to have aliases just add `aliases` metadata key and specify as many urls as you want (comma separated). Like on this screenshot:


Each site has `/tags` page. You need to add `tags` metadata key and specify as many tags as you want (comma separated). Like on this screenshot:

Once you have it your tags page will look like this: