In order to add metadata to each note you should create table with two columns: “name” and “value”. Like this:
name value
location New York
date 2014-10-27
tags history, politics, Ukraine, education
language en
There are several optional metadata properties that you can specify:
  • location - location where the content was created. E.g. ‘New York’.
  • description - short description of the content.
  • date - date of the creation. Format YYYY-MM-DD. E.g. ‘2022-07-15’
  • tags - comma separated tags/keywords.
  • language - two letter language code.
You can add any additional metadata property that you consider valuable.

Special Note’s Metadata

name values description
pinned yes/no (Default: no) Pin the note to the top of the collection page.
showInFooter yes/no (Default: no) Show the note in the footer navigation and remove it from the default navigation.

Special Collection’s Metadata

Home page and any folder page are considered “collection” pages. If you want to customize behavior of collection create special note called “index”(in the root of your site or for each specific folder as you wish).
name values description
showChildren yes/no (Default: yes) If set to “no” it will disable rendering of links to the notes and folders inside this collection.
sortBy title/update/create (Default: create) Sort notes by create date, updated date or title.