List of things that are implemented. If you want to see what are upcoming changes check out roadmap. May 2023
  • Support for header menu and not only sidebar.
  • Increase allowed image size from 10MB to 50MB.
April 2023
  • Introduce "previewProps" metadata. See example.
  • Introduce "dateFormat" metadata.
  • Introduce "fontFamily" metadata. See example.
  • Image caption is ready. If there is single text line after the image it will be rendered as a caption.
  • Support for new audio and video formats. Pretty much everything is supported now.
March 2023
  • Huge decrease in sync times. From 3 minutes to under 1 minute.
  • Add support for gif files.
  • Add setting to show folder name before Note title for each page.
  • Add setting to show links to the previous and next posts.
  • Fix issue: render video on the home page.
  • Add `showInMenu` metadata property.
  • Embed Apple Podcast
  • Embed Apple TV
  • Notes subheading now display anchor links on hover.
  • Fix bug with rendering selected item in the sidebar menu.
  • Add `showNoteFooter` metadata property.
  • Add `showNoteMetadata` metadata property.
February 2023
  • Add RTL support.
  • Implement multi author support.
  • Speed up sync times for all new sites - new infrastructure.
January 2023
  • Add Apple Music Embeds. See example.
  • Twitter card now have the same background and text colors as your site.
  • Fix bug with parsing some notes that have lists.
  • In the main Montaigne app changed Settings page as per requests from people.
  • Fix an issue where index note wouldn’t show if there is only one regular note.
  • Fix an issue where posts with long titles were not rendered nicely in twitter previews.
December 2022
  • Each site has dedicated Archive page. Like this one.
  • Progress with tags: support menu layout, hide draft notes from tags views.
  • Tweets are rendered inline now. See example.
  • It’s possible to add side navigation bar to site. See docs.
  • Validate links used for sites creation. Helps users to setup site correctly.
  • Proper support for Chinese characters in page URLs.
  • Fix major issue when some of the notes were not appearing online.
  • Each book can have highlights and quotes. See example.
  • Support Loom embedded videos. See example.
  • Internal links to other Apple Notes are now converted into Montaigne web links.
  • Add support for Avif image format.
November 2022 October 2022
  • Home page is now done on Montaigne itself.
  • New logo.
  • Native Apple checklist is supported.
  • User sites have no JavaScript - faster and more lightweight sites.
  • Started slow rollout of new styles.
  • Support for native Apple links.
  • Audio files support.
  • Video files support.
  • Footnotes support.
  • Specify twitter/instagram/github accounts and public email.
  • Support Dropbox Capture embeds.
  • Add Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
September 2022
  • Append “.pdf” to any page url to get PDF version of each post.
August 2022
  • Support for native Apple Notes tags. See demo.
  • Youtube previews/embeds work properly now. See demo.
  • Spotify previews/embeds work properly now. See demo.
  • Each site now has Share button and QR code link. They can be disabled in the settings.
  • Each folder has separate RSS feed now. Just add `/feed.xml` to the end of each URL.
  • Made several fixes for rendering markdown links.
  • Specify `emoji` favicon for each page using metadata `emoji` key.
  • Each site now has `/tags` page.
  • Fix issue with saving site settings.
  • Add ability to set site’s title.
  • Render single page if only one note is shared.

July 2022

  • Speed up synchronization for new sites.
  • Improve layout styles to work for medium sized screens like iPad.
  • Improve Lighthouse scores.
  • Add ability to specify site description and author.
  • Add support for large images. If large image attached to the note - it will work.
  • Improve FAQ. More answers!
  • Support HEIC image file format.
  • Intercom integration. So that we can stay on top of all support requests.
  • Improve styles for the user sites on mobile.
  • Improve styles for the quotes.
  • Add consistent footers.
  • User sites have less JavaScript. Should speed up the load.
  • Decrease cached timeout so that new users can see updates faster.
  • Fix several synchronizations issues and issues that caused problem onboarding site.
  • Improve onboarding flow.
  • Started creating documentation guides. `New site` is the first guide.
  • Add “made with montaigne“ footer to the generated sites.
  • Add support for RSS feeds.
  • Add ability to specify license for each site.

June 2022

  • Add ability to delete sites.
  • Add ability to set custom domain.
  • Add support for aliases metadata property. Specify alternative url for each note.
  • You can make draft note or folder by prefixing its title with `[draft]`
  • For each uploaded image save associated colors palette.
  • Render images from the dedicated CDN now. Improve page load speed.
  • Improve Apple Maps rendering.
  • Render table of content for each post that has more than 3 headers.
  • Add support for draft folders and draft notes. Folders and notes which names start with “_” are considered drafts.

May 2022

  • First version is live.
  • Better support for emojis inside notes text and titles.
  • Support for Markdown quotes syntax.
  • Support for canonical url when custom domain name is used.
  • Support for robots.txt.
  • Ability to specify document language per note inside metadata.
  • Ukrainian urls are transliterated properly now.
  • oEmbed support. Embed 3rd party iframes.
  • Embed Apple Maps links.

April 2022

  • Start. Making a prototype.

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