How to customize your site?

Montaigne allows you to express yourself with your site. You can customize various things. Eg you can change how navigation is done on your site. Read how to do that here. But what is special is that you can also change general look and feel of your 1) whole site 2) all the pages inside some specific folder 3) any specific note. You can do that either with global settings of your site that you can find at or using metadata. Metadata gives you the most of the control b because it can be applied to any level. If you want settings to be applied globally - change metadata inside your global 'index' note. If you want settings to be applied to the notes in the specific folder - change metadata inside your folder's 'index' note. If you want settings to be applied to the specific note - change metadata for that specific note.
name description default
backgroundColor Background color. #ffffff
textColor Main text color. #000000
secondaryTextColor Secondary text or accent color. #555
linkColor Link color. #1F64CC
imageTextColor Text color for image overlay. #ffffff
titleColor Title color. #000000
emoji Used as logo and favicon.  
rtl Right to left support. no
dateFormat Date formatting. MMM D, YYYY
You can also customize list view on your site. By default only Note title and date are displayed. However by adding "previewProps" you can show more things. Eg by adding "authors, date, rating" like this You will achieve following result You can show in preview any property you specify in your metadata plus some default one:
  • date
  • author
  • emoji

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